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Oakland Farm :  July 21 Savvy sunday Advancing Freestyle Riding 1-4 

 Oakland Farm :  July 28  Liberty 10-12 Drive vs  Draw Freestyle Riding 1-4

  Oakland Farm : Aug. 3 Liberty patterns 10-12  Freestyle riding How are your yields? 1-4

 Oakland Farm:   Aug. 11 Online Audition prep 10-12 Freestyle Riding 1-4 

Have a Rider spot opening for a private 5 day class with Tina Giordano 5 Star Master Instructor Contact Jane for more info on joining the great group. Sept 22 - 26 at Heartland Equestrian

Sept 27 -29  Advancing HMS   5 Star Tina Giordano 3 day CLinc at Heartland Equestrian Frederica Delaware.  Rider Spots available .

Please bring a bag lunch for classes.  

Contact  Jane for more info oaklandfarm83@verizon.net  302 653-8743





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Meet Jane's Students....




What are Jane's students saying?

I just completed a terrific clinic presented by Jane Bartsch at Horse Sense of the Carolinas in Marshall, NC. It was a day and a half Parelli Level 1 & 2 clinic.  I am new to horses and riding (4 years) and a senior (68). Jane's teaching was clear and specific. Each activity was a stepping stone for the next activity. She built confidence along with skill using explanations, demonstrations and humor to make learning fun and accessible.  Not only did I gain confidence as a person working with a horse, I gained new insights into myself that will help me in every aspect of my life. You're never too old to learn and Jane proved that today. I recommend her workshops to anybody wanting to grow as a horse person and as a human.  

Ginny Callaway


I went into Jane's Parelli Clinic a bit uncertain if I was at an appropriate level (unofficial level one) to be a part of the group. I had not had a chance to play for over a month with the horse I'd be using. I knew that others were for more advanced.  Immediately, Jane made me feel at ease. "No," " wrong"  and other negative comments do not seem to be in her vocabulary. All teachers of any subject would do well to observe her teaching style and watch the results. As she told us, horse cannot learn if they are afraid or stressed; neither can humans.

My firsts with my horse in the workshop: pivoting the hindquarters with a front foot staying in place; pivoting the front end with a back leg staying in place; doing a circle game on a 22 foot line; doing a figure 8 at a trot;riding Western; savvy stick riding (still needs a lot of work!); riding an obstacle course with another horse/human team connected by two Savvy strings tied together; and much more. Did I mention how much fun it was?

 I will be signing up for another Jane Bartsch clinic this fall!

Jean Larson

Little Sandy Mush, NC


For years I thought I knew horses.  It was not until five years ago when I met Jane Bartsch did I realized that I did not know about horses!  I started with riding lessons.  But it was way more than just riding.  Jane taught me about relationships with my horses.  Groundwork was something strange to me.. I had never really played with my horses.  Jane introduced me to Parelli Natural Horse-man-ship.

 I had just adopted a rescue horse and could not catch him.  Jane came over and in less than 10 minutes he was standing right next to her!  I had chased him for hours and given up!  That was my epiphany.   I saw it with my own two eyes; I was amazed and had to know more.  Jane explained how I was actually making him run from me and how I need to change myself and my technique for each one of my horses.  Having five horses and three different Horsonalities … I looked to Jane everyday for guidance, understanding, hope, and encouragement.  Jane is an amazing horseman and her life encompasses all that is true to PNH! 

 Heather Orkis  Townsend, DE




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